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Wurm Xevious 1942
Star soldier Sqoon Argus
Abadox ADandD dragon strike Air fortress 1943
Action in New York B wings
Burai fighter Captain skyHawk
Captain planet and the Planeteers Defender 2
Double strike exed exes
exerion fantasy zone final mission fantasy zone 2
galactic crusader geimos Gyrodine Gradius
galg galaxian galaga Gun nac
Gyruss Guardian legend Hector 87 Image fight
Insector X Legendary wings Little mermaid Lifeforce
Metal fighter Parodius Paperboy 2 Raid on bungeling bay
Robodemons SCAT - special cybernetic attack team
Summer carnival 92 - recca Sky kid
Stinger Star force
Silk worm Silver surfer
TwinBee Tetrastar - the fighter Tiger heli Twin cobra
TwinBee 3 Twin eagle Thunderbirds Terra cresta
Dragon spirit - the new legend Baltron Crisis force Drop zone
Sky shark Chou jikuu yousai - macross Starship hector Alpha mission
Section Z TaleSpin Super xevious - gump no nazo Super star force