Nintendo games
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     Shooting / war
     Box / Karate
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Venus wars Wizardry - proving grounds of the mad overlord ADandD hillsfar
Western kids Y's Armed dragon fantasy villgust
ADandD heroes of the lance Bard's tale Bill and ted's Crystalis
Chronicle of the radia war Deep dungeon 4 - the black sorcerer
Deja vu Dragon warrior 3
Dragon warrior 4 Doraemon - the revenge of giga zombie
nadia final fantasy
final fantasy 2 final fantasy 3 fire embled gaiden faria
gauntlet gauntlet 2 Getsufuu maden Gen ke le zhuan
Legend of the ghost lion Little ninja brothers Magic of scheherazade Mirai senshi - lios
Musashi no bouken Might and magic Nadia secret of blue water Niji no silk road
Dragon buster 2 - yami no fuuin Dungeon magic - sword of the elements Sweet home Startropics
Super black onyx Shadow brain Swords and serpents Sted - starfield of memorable relics
Times of lore Ultima - quest of the avatar Ultima - exodus Ultima - warriors of destiny
Conflict Day dreamin' davey Dragon warrior Destiny of an emperor