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   Lettre P
   Panic restaurant
   Pac land
   Peter pan
   Puss'n boots
   Prince of persia
   Parasol stars
   Penguin kun wars
   Pro wrestling
   Power soccer
   Perfect bowling
   Punch Out
   Power punch 2
   P'radikus conflict
   Pac man
   Puffy land
   Penguin and seal
   Phantom fighter
   Power blazer
   Power rangers 2
   POW prisoners
   Probotector 2
   Power blade
   Power blade 2
     Princess tomato
     Poker 3
     Pipe dream
     Palamedes 2
     Parallel world
     Puyo puyo
     Peepar time
     Popeye word puzzle
     Paperboy 2
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Pac land Pac man Palamedes
Palamedes 2 - star twinkles Panic restaurant Paperboy
Paperboy 2 Paperboy 2 Parallel world Parasol stars - the story of bubble bobble 3
Parodius Peepar time Penguin and seal Penguin kun wars
Perfect bowling Pesterminator Peter pan and the pirates
Phantom fighter Pictionary Pinball
Pinball quest Pipe dream Pirates! Platoon
Pocahontas Poker 3 - 5 in 1 Pooyan Popeye
Popeye's word puzzle POW prisoners of war Power blade
Power blade 2 Power blazer Power punch 2
Power soccer Power rangers 2 P'radikus conflict Prince of persia
Princess tomato in salad kingdom Pro wrestling Probotector Probotector 2 - return of the evil forces
Puffy land Punch Out Punisher Puss'n boots - pero's great adventure
Puyo puyo" Puzslot Puzzle Puzznic