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   Lettre F
   Fire'n ice
   Flintstones 1
   Flintstones 2
   Friday the 13th
   Felix the cat
   Ferrari grand prix
   Formula sensation
   Formula one
   Fighting golf
   F-15 strike eagle
   Family boxing
   F1 circus
   F1 race
   F-117a stealth f.
   Four pl. tennis
   Fantasy zone
   Fester's quest
   Formation Z
   Front line
   Field combat
   Final mission
   Fantasy zone 2
   Fun house
   Flight intruder
   Freedom force
   Fuzzical fighter
   Fushigi nadia
   Final fantasy
   Final fantasy 2
   Final fantasy 3
   Fire em. gaiden
   Flying dragon
   Flying warriors
   Fist north star
     Famicom wars
     Flying hero
     Family pinball
     Firehouse rescue
     Fisher price 1
     Fisher price 2
     Family feud
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f1 circus f-117a f-15 strike eagle
f1 race famicom war family boxing
family feud family pinball fantasy zone fantasy zone 2
faria faxanadu 4 felix the cat ferrari grand prix challenge
fester's quest field combat fighting golf
final fantasy final fantasy 2 final fantasy 3
final mission fire embled gaiden fire'n ice firehouse rescue
i can remember perfect fit flappy first of the north star
flying dragon the flintstones flying warriors flipull
flight of the intruder flying hero the flintstones 2 formation z
formula one built to win formula 1 sensation foton four player tennis
frankenstein friday the 13 freedom force front line
fun house nadia fuzzical fighter