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 Jeux de plateforme nintendo

  Cette page regroupe tous les jeux de plateforme
  de la console nes.
  Si vous n'arrivez pas à charger les jeux de cette
  section, téléchargez la dernière version de java :

Adventures of rad gravity Adventures of rocky and bullwinkle Adventures of tom sawyer The addams family
Alfred chicken
Bonk's adventure
Bram stoker's dracula Castle excellent Caveman ninja Chip'n dale rescue rangers 2
Circus caper Cowboy kid Cocoron Conquest of the crystal palace
hook Conan Darkman Digger - the legend of the lost city
Incredible crash dummies Duck tales 2 Donkey kong Jr Donald land
  the flintstones Goonies 2 the flintstones 2
garfield Hammerin harry Home alone 2 - lost in new york
Hudson hawk Hello kitty world Indiana jones and the temple of doom
Impossible mission 2 Jungle book Joust
James bond jr Jackie chan action kung fu Kid klown MC kids
Kid niki radical ninja Kirby's adventure Krusty fun house Mickey mouse
Lode runner Little samson Mario bros Mario is missing!
Mickey adventures in numberland
Jeux de simulation
Ren and stimpy show
Secret scout
Smurfs Spider man - return of the sinister six Sonic 3D blast Popeye
Terminator Tom and jerry and tuffy Tiny toon adventures cartoon workshop Moon crystal
Banana prince Bubble bobble part 2 Bugs bunny crazy castle Blues brothers
Castlequest Donkey kong 3 Don doko don 2 Ghoul school
Super mario bros Simpsons - bart vs the space mutants Star wars Toki
Addams family Aladdin Barbie Bible adventures
Bucky O'hare Big nose freaks out Prince of persia Panic restaurant
Peter pan and the pirates Rainbow islands - the story of bubble bobble 2 Super mario bros 3 Son son